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Creating a List

Creating a list is simply a matter of performing a POST operation on the https://vrapi.verticalresponse.com/api/v1/lists endpoint, passing in a name/value parameter where name must be set to “name”, and the value is the name to assign to the list. The following snippet shows an example of creating a list called "Dumbledore Army List"


The response contains the endpoint for the newly created list, the status of the request, and a link to the lists resource endpoint:

To verify the creation of the list or to obtain information about it, perform a GET operation on the list’s URL, passing in the type URL parameter specifying the level of detail to retrieve.

The following snippet shows an example where the type is set to all which will return all of the list’s attributes:


The following is the response from the server:

The size indicates the number of contacts contained in the list. The reach indicates the number of contacts in the list that are able receive the campaign. VerticalResponse determines the reach value by subtracting any bounced email addresses and the email addresses of any recipients who have unsubscribed.