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New Goodies : API Release Notes


 We just cranked out another release here at VR and couldn’t be more excited. Since releasing our new platform,  we got tons of great feedback from users and are working on all of that feedback and more to make VerticalResponse the best email and social media platform for small businesses. On the API side of town, we have launched a few new goodies and wanted to share them with you. Here is the rundown.  


We love analytics, and we know you do too. Poring over details of how many opens and clicks and unsubscribes ( :( ) is what we do with our newsletters every day and we know you do too. Our first release had stats for emails and social posts. We are now working on providing more analytics related API’s.   


 This API will provide aggregated details of a contact’s response to your email campaigns. For each contact, you can get details like total_emails_sent, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and bounces as the sample response below shows.


Similar to contacts, the list level stats provides details about a list including its size, reach, number of contacts on hold and number of contacts that are inactive in addition to basic details like created_at and updated_at etc. The sample response for the lists:stats API is given below

Inactive Contacts:

Contacts can be in many states: mailable, unsubscribed or bounced. The unsusbcribed and bounced contacts are together grouped into a nonmailable or inactive state. We have now enhanced the contacts search API to filter inactive contacts and specifically look for bounced and unsubscribed contacts.  This will help distinguish between mailable and non mailable contacts as well as show users a list of bounced or unsubscribed contacts from either a specific list or the master list.

Ruby Sample Code

Now all our API’s have Ruby sample code. I can see the tears of happiness on your faces! We have them too. We would love to expand our sample code and wrapper collections. If you have sample code  or wrappers that work with the VR API that you would like to share with the world, please send us a note. We would be happy to feature these in our repos. In addition to these, we have made a couple of bug fixes and performance improvements to make sure our API’s are robust.

That’s all for now. We will be back soon with more.

There's a New API in Town

At VerticalResponse, we launched a brand new product that helps small business communicate with thier customers wherever they are. This new application focuses on:

   * Faster and intuitive email creation

   * Responsive emails for every device

   * Easy social media marketing

For more details on what these features can do for small businesses, check out the VerticalResponse blog post.


With the new VerticalResponse comes a brand new API built from ground up. We believe API's are the future of our platform and have built a robust, powerful yet intuitive REST API.Everyone has their own version of REST, and so do we, except we have designed our API based on the principles of HTTP that drive the web. With our Hypermedia or HATEOAS API, all resources are self describing thus making the model simple and consistent. As a developer you do not have to keep track of the different resources or store the URL's for different operations. You can navigate through our API's from any endpoint, just like you would a database.

So, what can you do with the API's?

VerticalResponse APIs allow you to interact with the platform the same way the application does. You can create and update contacts, lists, emails, custom contact fields etc. You can send and schedule emails and obtain stats on the email's performances as well. You can use our API to build applications that interact with the VR platform.

For example: Create an application to keep the contacts in your CRM  in sync with VR, Create an application to send email and track custom emails, Connect a custom sign up form in your website to VR to store newly added contacts. The possibilities are truly endless.  

We use OAuth2 to allow app developers get user authorizations . We have also added tons of useful documentation for developers in our developer portal  In addition to detailed API reference documentation, we have Quick Start Guides  to help you get started performing common yet very powerful tasks like Creating a contact, Creating and sending an email etc. In addition to  sample code, we have created and shared wrapper libraries in  Ruby, Java and PHP to help you get started and reduce your "Time to Hello World."

We are very excited about the possibilities the new API opens up for our customers and third party developers in addition to the VR application as a whole. We cannot wait to see what you build with it. We will be making regular updates to the API. Here are a few links to help you get started:

Quick Links to get started

Create a developer account :
VR API playground :

Quick start guides :
VR API Support group:

Dont forget to tell us what you think in the comments section below. If you are building a new application or are interested in partnering with us send us a note at

Note:The REST API supports the new VerticalResponse application and platform. If you use the VRClassic application, you can continue using our SOAP API.

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